MICA GD 200.01
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GTI: Aura Seltzer, aura.seltzer@gmail.com

Sunday, October 3

Gabe Kelley - Escape from New York poster

Color variation

The color in the background will be the paper that I print on. I used the recurring line from the film for the slogan, because the other I felt was just too long, and as it is a cult film festival, the audience will know directly what I am referencing with the quote.

Any ideas to push it further? Or anything to change completely?


  1. The negative space created by the upside down new york city skyline is really interesting. I think the tagline would be more successful if it had more room to breathe. Maybe change its position on the poster or decrease the text size?
    It's hard for me to critique the mood of the poster in comparison to the movie because i haven't seen the movie. The variation on the bottom has a bubbly fun feeling whereas the top has a more ominous feeling. I enjoy how the face is rendered in the bottom variation and maybe the colors could be adjusted in the top to mimic that. Overall, looks good!

  2. I like the idea of using an image of Plissken for your solution. I think it could be cropped or scaled in a more effective manner.

    The colors seem a bit "happy" for the content of the film. It doesn't quite suit the atmosphere of the film.

    What does the inversion of the cityscape say about the film? Using the World Trade Center is a very loaded image, and may add unintended context to your poster. How can you push your composition so that it really sells your concept?

  3. I agree that the color selection may be too bright for the film. Also, know that when you're actually printing on the color paper, your two ink colors will show up differently than they look digitally on screen. I'd recommend getting the composition to work first (have you thought about a typographic-based solution?) before exploring color.


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