MICA GD 200.01
Thursday 9am-3pm, Brown 305
Instructor: Ryan Clifford,
ryan.d.clifford@gmail.com, 410.340.8636, Office: Brown 316
GTI: Aura Seltzer, aura.seltzer@gmail.com

Saturday, November 20

my final infographic

im just posting up my final infographics. Im pretty sure the panels are finished. the spread just needs a little work

Thursday, November 18

no more triangles.

I didn't add the numbers yet b/c I don't want to if the image is not working with the icons as the signifiers for quantity...is it better?

My progress of my infographics

Wednesday, November 17

Here are some revisions. I changed the titles so they're more clear and relate to each other. I also added units.
I tried making the local pictograms their assigned color but it made the image unbalanced and too color heavy on one side so instead I put the colored stars inside the pictograms to create a more direct relationship.
I put up lines where I would be folding it and black triangles in the corners as a reference point to where they would line up in the front and back, they won't be in the final print.

Tuesday, November 16


i'm not sure about colors.. the blue is temporary..
and i'm wondering if i should put writing on the big infographic back page
How is this working?
I wasn't sure about how well the main infographic read with the location.

Also I'm really bad at titles so I'm not sure if that part works. Since forks and spoons are kind of boring, I was thinking of a title that would make them sound like they're a big deal, but I'm not sure how it works for others.

Also, in the food categories I was thinking of the food pyramid categories but modified to go with the kinds of foods I've been eating, but I'm just not sure about "grains." Everything else is pretty descriptive except that. I was thinking of maybe making it "bread+pasta" but that sounds too specific.

Aside from that... any suggestions?

here are my revisions
the overall picto has changed from the orange to one of the figures with a stomach, and there are three ideas for the other of where i ate, i think ill go with the middle one as the other two look kinda cross like when small.

color choices

more to come

Monday, November 15