MICA GD 200.01
Thursday 9am-3pm, Brown 305
Instructor: Ryan Clifford,
ryan.d.clifford@gmail.com, 410.340.8636, Office: Brown 316
GTI: Aura Seltzer, aura.seltzer@gmail.com

Monday, November 15

B&W Pictograms

I still think something is missing. I don't think Im going to keep the black outline


  1. I agree that the borders aren't working, and that's because they're not really engaged with the icons. They're not actively containing what's inside them. Have you tested to see whether these work at much smaller scales (e.g. 1/2 inch)? The money bag, dress, and gas stick out since they don't have as many line elements or as much white space as the other three do. Have you made any progress with your infographic that you can post?

  2. These are improved from last week, and now need to be refined. The frame or container you're using isn't harmonizing with the pictograms, and the positioning of the pictograms feels arbitrary in the frame.

    Watch your line weights, and use that to unify your pictogram set.

    The gas pictogram is cropped in an uncomfortable way, make sure there is enough of the object to be easily readable.

    The cigarettes work pretty well, but it's a bit jarring to have a lit cigarette sticking out of the pack. The shopping/clothes feels a bit flat compared to the rest of your pictograms, and could use some interior line to help define the shape so it's more recognizable.

    I'd consider changing the shape you have your pictograms in.


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