MICA GD 200.01
Thursday 9am-3pm, Brown 305
Instructor: Ryan Clifford,
ryan.d.clifford@gmail.com, 410.340.8636, Office: Brown 316
GTI: Aura Seltzer, aura.seltzer@gmail.com

Thursday, October 21

Poster edit

I know we are done with the posters but I worked on it more and this is the last time I am asking for input. I tried to integrate the textures better and half-tone of the hand.


  1. I really like the changes you made but I think Night is too big and it distracts me a little from the living dead part which is being a little secondary...but the contrast is great and the blood is working. Good job, I'd hang that up.

  2. The one slash of blood is working much better. The texture, though, takes away from the vividness of the hand halftone. Maybe just leave it on the title? I agree with Zara that the scale of "Night" could be equal with the size of "Living Dead". I would try out other weights of Gill Sans. The Extra Bold looks a bit cartoonish (like it would be a poster for a funny scary movie). Also, try centering the bullets vertically in the space instead of aligning with the baseline - you might not even need bullets for the date ("October 15, 2010" instead). You've created a very dynamic poster, and the color selection is great.


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