MICA GD 200.01
Thursday 9am-3pm, Brown 305
Instructor: Ryan Clifford,
ryan.d.clifford@gmail.com, 410.340.8636, Office: Brown 316
GTI: Aura Seltzer, aura.seltzer@gmail.com

Thursday, November 11


hey not quite done wanted to show the progress


  1. Very clean. You're doing a nice job at creating consistency between the spreads. Keep pushing that. The sneakers and "All and all" (which should maybe should read "All in All"?) seem like they don't fit in since they're not formal categories. For the sneakers, could you write "50 trips in my SNEAKERS" then "62,488 TOTAL STEPS" in a different banner (yellow?) and then just use 1 of each sneaker in the style that you have for the other 3 categories? I'd recommend leaving this as is for now, moving onto the big infographic, and then going back to this after.

  2. do you think that the tyep treatment f the numbers in the "all in all" section is working? i did try changing all of the body type to helvetica, but thought it was too much seeing as there are already 3 type faces being used, it seemed to be pulling the pages apart more then bring them together. i can post it if you still want to see it?

  3. I like how the All and All text repeats the treatment from the cover. Have you tried horizontal orientation instead of rotated? I trust your judgment if you think incorporating a neutral typeface for little details didn't work. How's the progress on your back 11x17?

  4. I wouldn't mix typefaces for "All in All". You could try switching the script and the non-script in the headline to see if that makes more sense visually.

    It's also awkward that the orientation changes to vertical when the rest of your document are horizontal or diagonal on the rest of your panels.

    What is happening with the other side of your layout? Are you still working with the idea of distance and mapping?

    In terms of color, think about how you might be able to use spot color to hold one of your panels and reverse out the information on it to change the visually cadence of your layout. Perhaps your title page could use this to good effect? It feels the most plain as is.


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