MICA GD 200.01
Thursday 9am-3pm, Brown 305
Instructor: Ryan Clifford,
ryan.d.clifford@gmail.com, 410.340.8636, Office: Brown 316
GTI: Aura Seltzer, aura.seltzer@gmail.com

Tuesday, November 9



  1. your graphics are successful
    but the items seem detached for one another.
    i don't understand why these items are together.
    are they on the folding side?

    i hope this helps (if you were looking for feedback)

  2. It is more of a work in progress post, this is the infographic side, still more to be added, just wondering what people were thinking as to the direction it was headed,

  3. For what you have so far, try adding a second typeface or use various weights of the same typeface to give a bit more texture to the page (that way scale isn't the only way to indicate importance). I'd try adding pepperoni to your pizza slice and changing its orientation so it's more recognizable. I'm still not entirely understanding some of your other pictograms without any sort of description or reference to what they might mean.

  4. The color is working pretty well. Be careful of how much you're using drop shadow on your type right now, it's visually too heavy of an approach to use for all of your type.


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